People don’t like things being complicated.  I wrote this article to hopefully make things simpler for people to enjoy all the social networks and not go crazy with multiple logins.  Linking your accounts is one way to make your browsing life easier and  I am a big fan of not logging in and out of my accounts. I used to have multiple accounts and I am a stickler for passwords, so I really like this set up.  Online identities and their management is heating up with Facebook and Google at the front of the foray.  This set up will streamline your online identity and make it clean and easy to manage.

One of the main keys to this process is your Google ID (If you do it this way you only need one e-mail address).  I can use my Gmail address for my Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo and You Tube.  Google+ is and obvious part of this design.

Here is the beginners guide to social networks:

1.     Set up your Gmail address and be sure to make a difficult password.

2.     Set up a Twitter Account

  • Even if you don’t want to use twitter, set up an account.  Twitter is a very quick and functional information tool and will be around for a long time and has over 119 Million accounts and has passed 200 Million Tweets per day!
  • If you plan on a business page in Facebook you want this step done here so you can link to your business pace.

3.     Set up a Facebook Account

  • Https://
  • Set up your business page when you get done with your personal profile Link your Twitter account during this process.

4.     Set up your Google+ Account.

  • If you do not have an invitation to Google+, introduce yourself to me with and e-mail and I will send you a Google+ invitation.  I will also send you a list of handy resources to make it easier to learn.

5.     If you want a Yahoo Login this is the time to do it, using your Google ID.

6.     Log into You Tube with your Google ID and create an account.


Here are some final important and helpful tips:

  • Bookmark each account as you make each account that way you can easily return to your account.
  • Now that you have reached this stage, you can use your twitter or Facebook on many of the sites that require a login.
  • Only use your login on the Twitter of Facebook sites!  Unless you like having orders messed up.

If you set your accounts in this order, you should be able to login to each account and choose the option to stay logged in.  This means no logging in to your computer to get to your accounts.  Now you have one simple login for your surfing pleasure. I have mine in pinned on my browser so they open with my browser.

I would like to hear your comments.  The conversation leading from articles such as these lets me know what your interested in and is also part of the entertainment and educational value with these articles.  If there is a topic you would like to read about let me know.