6 Steps for Setting Up a Beginner for Easy Social Network Account Management

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People don’t like things being complicated.  I wrote this article to hopefully make things simpler for people to enjoy all the social networks and not go crazy with multiple logins.  Linking your accounts is one way to make your browsing life easier and  I am a big fan of not logging in and out of my accounts. I used to have multiple accounts and I am a stickler for passwords, so I really like this set up.  Online identities and their management is heating up with Facebook and Google at the front of the foray.  This set up will streamline your online identity and make it clean and easy to manage.

One of the main keys to this process is your Google ID (If you do it this way you only need one e-mail address).  I can use my Gmail address for my Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo and You Tube.  Google+ is and obvious part of this design.

Here is the beginners guide to social networks:

1.     Set up your Gmail address and be sure to make a difficult password.

2.     Set up a Twitter Account

  • https://twitter.com/
  • Even if you don’t want to use twitter, set up an account.  Twitter is a very quick and functional information tool and will be around for a long time and has over 119 Million accounts and has passed 200 Million Tweets per day!
  • If you plan on a business page in Facebook you want this step done here so you can link to your business pace.

3.     Set up a Facebook Account

  • Https://www.Facebook.com/
  • Set up your business page when you get done with your personal profile Link your Twitter account during this process.

4.     Set up your Google+ Account.

  • If you do not have an invitation to Google+, introduce yourself to me with and e-mail and I will send you a Google+ invitation.  I will also send you a list of handy resources to make it easier to learn.

5.     If you want a Yahoo Login this is the time to do it, using your Google ID.

6.     Log into You Tube with your Google ID and create an account.


Here are some final important and helpful tips:

  • Bookmark each account as you make each account that way you can easily return to your account.
  • Now that you have reached this stage, you can use your twitter or Facebook on many of the sites that require a login.
  • Only use your login on the Twitter of Facebook sites!  Unless you like having orders messed up.

If you set your accounts in this order, you should be able to login to each account and choose the option to stay logged in.  This means no logging in to your computer to get to your accounts.  Now you have one simple login for your surfing pleasure. I have mine in pinned on my browser so they open with my browser.

I would like to hear your comments.  The conversation leading from articles such as these lets me know what your interested in and is also part of the entertainment and educational value with these articles.  If there is a topic you would like to read about let me know.


Introduction to Small Business Marketing and Overcoming Objections

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So you know all about programming and can write CSS, Java and flash like I am writing to you now.  You just made your first appointment with your first customer.   What happens when you make your million dollar sales pitch and the customer says, “So.?”  He is not convinced and tells you he does not want to spend the money on the internet because he does not get any business from it.  Marketing to the small businessman has been made harder because of the many poorly engineered and developed websites have made customers skeptical of power it can have for their business.

My wife was skeptical of the internet when we opened our Bakery/Restaurant.  I have since developed the website and contacts over time.  Yelp, Facebook and Google Places have been excellent links.  My wife keeps track of the leads and we have regular traffic at our restaurant that was generated entirely from the internet.

I worked at a Toyota Dealership.  While there, I spent time in call centers making cold calls to people and trying to convince them to buy a new car.  The problem was most people did not see anything wrong with their 3 year old Toyota and have a hard time considering another new car.  Talk with your customer and find out about their habits and needs. Take time to build some trust with them before you waste time on the sales pitch.  My sales manager put it like this: “You are dealing with a customer that believes he has already made up his mind, because he looked it up on the internet.”  You have to know your product and your customers or you will not get past the objection.

The first objection you will face at most family owned businesses is found in a common misconception.  The objection will be similar to: “I don’t need any help, my uncle knows about computers and he set up my website.  So, I have my web page and I have a Facebook page so I’m set for my internet advertising.” I have had this conversation with few business owners this week.  Sounds familiar to some of you I’m sure.  You have two choices at this time.  Address the objection or say: “I understand you, I will explain more about personal web publishing in just a couple minutes.”  If you have not established yourself with your customer, I would choose the second option.  Continue you presentation, take note of the objections and address them at the end of your presentation.

An important aspect for internet marketing field is we have the advantage of inbound marketing.  People search for well written content to read, these people represent our opportunity to create a customer.  Direct marketing is the traditional method of marketing and people are becoming conditioned to avoid these advertisements.  More easily put, I rarely watch unrecorded television because I can fast forward through the commercials when I use my DVR.  I have a box next to my desk that has the sole purpose of collecting junk mail.  If I don’t recognize the item as a solicited piece of mail, it gets summarily dropped in the box.  After I have about 350-400 lbs. of this junk, I take it to the local shredder.  One of my friends is a machinist, he cut a few thousand letter sized pieces of steel which he puts in all the return envelopes and mails back to the sender just to cost them the postage.

You need to show them why they need help to make their advertising program work, while not making them look stupid.  What are you going to do that is special for their business?  Do your homework before you show up, that way you know where to look when you assess their business.  As a business man, I will not hire a business if they cannot tell me how they will improve my business. Your job is to show them.

Here is one business site I looked at recently with the business owner. I found that the site had not been updated in months.  There were several, links broken to external websites.  The business owner also had no analytics for his page, leaving him without any means of tracking its use.  His business shows up on page 1, 1 time on line 5.  This one is easy to show what you can do to help.  The business owner did not realize his website was not producing like it should for him. He also has no Facebook, blogs or Twitter.

Finally you need to maintain what you build, train your customer and treat your internet customers like they were in your store.  Greet them and engage them in meaningful contact.  My wife is very good at engaging customers on Facebook and the customers tell me about it.  This is an excellent way to bring customers back in to your business.  I know talking about fresh biscuits and gravy or homemade chicken & dumpling soup is as good as ringing a dinner bell at a ranch.

As you develop your technical skills take time to become a motivational talker and learn about your customers.  People skills are every bit as important as your programming when you are talking to business owners.

Welcome to the Computer Age

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I spend a lot of time stepping people through different computer tasks.  I started this blog to address different issues new to advanced computer uses ask.  I will address a wide variety of computer issues and I will write about social networking.

I have a broad base of knowledge to draw from.  I worked for government agencies and I run my own business.  My newest business is a internet & social networks marketing business.  I am a twitter fanatic, @stevemonck,  facebook.com/steve.monck and you can find my business sites at OrlandBulletin.com and AltaMariesBakery.com

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